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Bulloch Bears Witness

“In the “lynching era,” between 1880 to 1940, white Christians lynched nearly five thousand black men and women in a manner with obvious echoes of the Roman crucifixion of Jesus. Yet these “Christians” did not see the irony or contradiction in their actions.”
James H. ConeThe Cross and the Lynching Tree



EJI's  Community Remembrance Project invites counties across the country to claim their monuments and install them in the counties where the lynchings occurred, a process that involves years of community conversation about the legacies of racial violence and justice locally.

Bulloch Bears Witness was a part of that community conversation process.


Prior to bringing the county's monument home from Montgomery, EJI encourages participating communities to place a historical marker at or near one or more lynching sites and to collect soil from the lynching sites.


This process is designed and overseen by EJI to "allow communities to gain perspective and experience that we believe is crucial to managing the monument retrieval process wisely and effectively."

Program Cover

‘Bulloch Bears Witness’ acknowledges lynching and legacy of racial violence

Coalition launches campaign of remembrance, atonement

Statesboro Herald

January 6, 2023

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