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Community Steering Committee

A Steering Committee leads the Statesboro-Bulloch Remembrance Coalition with co-chairs.  The Steering Committee is in contact with EJI and is taking the required steps to “claim” our lynching monument.  It is our understanding that EJI has not released the steel monuments to any county at this time. 

The steps involved in collecting the Bulloch monument from the National Memorial for Peace and Justice will include, but not be limited to:

  • A series of public programs related to the Equal Justice Initiative

  • A public ceremony to collect soil from the location of the Bulloch County lynchings

  • A marker dedication at the site of the lynchings or other place of prominence

Adrianne McCollar, Chris Caplinger and Delinda Gaskins currently serve as Co-Chairs of the Community Steering Committee. Other members include:

Dorsey Baldwin

Shontelle Childress

Lisa Costello

Ressie Fuller

Johnny Gamble

Tilicia Mayo-Gamble

Matt Gerig

Francys Johnson

Yevette McCall

Laura Milner

Patrick Novotny

Michelle Reidel

Cathy Skidmore-Hess

Stacy Smallwood

Vivian Summers

James Thomas

What's Next

Watch Bryan Stevenson's TED Talk, "We need to talk about an injustice."

Bulloch lynchings.jpg

The Bulloch County Pillar at the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montogomery.  

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