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EJI's Soil Collection Project

Community Soil Collection Projects provide tangible opportunities to engage and reckon with the legacy of racial terror lynching.

The Community Soil Collection Project gathers soil at lynching sites for display in haunting exhibits bearing victims’ names. 

Why?  EJI believes it is critical for communities across the country to do the difficult work of unearthing and confronting their own histories of racial injustice while exploring how that history continues to shape the present. We are honored to share our research findings and support community memorialization work through the Community Remembrance Project. 

Ressie Fuller is chairing the Soil Collection Committee that will complete the Soil Collection Project in our community. Email to support or join the Soil Collection Committee.





What's Next

Learn more about The Legacy Museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice.


"There was blood in that soil, there's DNA in that soil," says EJI Director Bryan Stevenson. "There is history in that soil that needs to be resurrected if we're going to really be free in this country."

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